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ceramic log on round faux grass with mushroomsGwen Grunwald All Kids Love Log mixed media (2023)


robbed female holding a catGwen Grunwald Das Mädchen Und Die Katze mixed media (2023)


painting of woman walking though forestGwen Grunwald Das Wandern mixed media (2023)


painting of young female child in forestGwen Grunwald Die Altelm Wald oil on panel (2023)


painting of two adults sitting down on stoop on a city streetGwen Grunwald Gamla Stan oil on panel (2023)


photo of woman posing in front of a city canalGwen Grunwald Gamla Stan II oil on panel (2023)


black and white triptychGwen Grunwald Kastner & Öhler Triptych mixed media (2023)


golden log stumpGwen Grunwald Lederhosen Sexy  ceramic (2023)


gold and brown log with words etched inGwen Grunwald Log, from Blammo! ceramic (2023)


log sculptures stackedGwen Grunwald Log Installation View mixed media (2023)


closed cabinet with decorative doorsGwen Grunwald Marmorkirken closed view mixed media (2023)


open cabinet doors with photograph inside of a woman sitting in church pewsGwen Grunwald Marmorkirken open view mixed media (2023)


drawing of colorful city streetGwen Grunwald Mein Deutch Ist Nicht Gut mixed media (2023)


painting of young couple kissing in a field at sunsetGwen Grunwald Österreichisher Sommer oil on paper (2023)


portrait of brunette female with glasses and large yellow hatGwen Grunwald Pretentious Self Portrait oil on paper (2023)


two women in fun house mirrorGwen Grunwald Tivoli Tomfoolery mixed media (2023)


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