The Giovale Library digital collections consist of digitized documents and photographs relating to the history of Westminster University from its inception as the Salt Lake Collegiate Institute, founded in 1875, to the present. The collections also include material dealing with the early history of the Presbyterian Church in Utah and southern Idaho. This is an ongoing project and new materials are being digitized and added to the collections on a regular basis.

All original materials are housed in the Masonic Foundation of Utah Archives Room in the Giovale Library, Westminster University. The original documents are available to researchers during library hours or by special appointment. Researchers should check in with the circulation desk on the main floor.

The digitized collections are divided into 2 groups. One group includes historical photographs from the collection and the other group is of historical documents such as The Church Review, Utah Westminster, and other published materials. Some issues of The Church Review are available for your perusal however, other historical documents are still being processed. Giovale Library hopes to have all of them up shortly. The library is presently in the process of organizing the archival collections and in time the collection descriptions and finding aids will be added to these digital collections.

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Digital Collections Pricing/Fees, Resources, and Order Forms 

Image Reproduction Price List

Lists prices are established for the reproduction of images.


Photograph Use and Reproduction Fees List

Use fees are charged for commercial use of images. Reproduction fees cover the costs of making black and white and color prints from prints, slides, or digital files. Also listed are fees for audio and video tape duplication.

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Reproduction Order Form

Use the Reproduction Order Form to obtain copies of images (photographs, negatives, and/or slides). If you plan to use the images for publication, reproduction, or use in an exhibit, slide show, or business display, this form must be accompanied by the Application Permission to Publish and or Reproduce Form.

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Application Permission to Publish or Reproduce

The Application for Permission to Publish or Reproduce Form is a contract with Giovale Library that allows use of digital collection images in a publication, website, slide show, exhibit, advertisement, or business display.

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Scanning Information Checklist

If you wish to order a digital scan of one of Giovale Library's images, use the scanning information checklist to indicate what type and quality of scan is desired.

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