40 Years

  • Cid Seidelman

    Cid Seidelman

    Distinguished Service Professor, Economics


    James “Cid” Seidelman has worn many hats during his tenure at Westminster (did I say tenure?): program director and founder of the economics program, MBA director, Dean, Provost, chair of the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, subsequently returning to the faculty as Distinguished Service Professor of Economics. In the three years as MBA director, the program grew from 50 to 300 students.

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  • Diane Van Os

    Diane Van Os

    Professor, Nursing


    Diane Van Os has been with the School of Nursing for 40 years. Her most recent focus as a professor has been to help beginning nursing students learn important therapeutic communication principles and techniques. In addition, she teaches Community Mental Health and has developed Issues of the Homeless and Killer Diseases of the World. She has also taught other courses in nursing, including pediatric nursing, one of her favorite areas. She frequently mentors new students in the nursing program. Diane will do whatever she needs to do to help students succeed and will go the extra mile to connect with students who are interested in nursing.

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  • Nancy Schmitt

    Nancy Panos Schmitt

    Associate Professor, Marketing


    Nancy is a Westminster institution. In the 40 years she has been here she has served on every possible committee, including several that no longer exist. To outlast a committee at Westminster is an accomplishment in itself. Nancy was hired to develop the Marketing program. She was the first and only woman in the BVGSB for nine years. Nancy was awarded the Gore Excellence in Teaching Award in 2004. She has won favorite professor in business three times and Favorite Advisor twice.

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35 Years

  • John Watkins

    John Watkins

    Professor, Economics


    John Watkins, Professor of Economics, first taught at Westminster College as an adjunct in 1981. John is a conscientious and dependable member of faculty committees. He was voted Westminster College Professor of the Year six times and was the winner of the Gore Excellence in Teaching Award. He has 27 published articles, book reviews, and comments.

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  • Steve Haslam

    Steve Haslam

    Assistant Professor, French


    Steve Haslam has taught Westminster students how to speak good French, and sometimes good Spanish, for 35 years. He has visited France many times, ever since he served as Mitt Romney’s missionary companion (this last statement has not been verified). Steve is always well-informed (and cynical) about French politics, but his true love is French culture. He’s long been a mainstay of Alliance Française de Salt Lake City, where he is currently on the board of directors, and his crêpes (often prepared on campus with students) are legendary. Steve has led 16 May term trips to France and other European countries with a variety of teaching partners, giving students unforgettable memories. And he’s willing to teach them the fun words they need on the streets of Paris.

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30 Years

  • Dara Hoffa

    Dara Hoffa

    Associate Professor, Accounting


    Dara is an associate professor of accounting and has been with the faculty for 30 years. She has served as department chair at various times during those 30 years. She has served on Enrollment and Financial Aid, Awards and Grants, Gore Assessment Committee, various faculty search committees, Academic Appeals, President’s Budget Advisory Committee, Faculty Senate, Curriculum Committee, and various committees within the Gore School. Dara was a finalist for the Gore Excellence in Teaching award. Outside of the college, she has served on the board for the Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters as well as the Accounting Department Advisory Committee for Salt Lake Community College.

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  • Greg Gagne

    Greg Gagne

    Associate Professor, Computer Science


    Greg’s empathy and patience has made him the heart of the computer science department for the past 30 years. His student-centered teaching style is a delight to watch, and he can be regularly found in his office, developing a new lab for his students. He is well loved by his students, who stay in touch with him for years after graduating because they know how much he cares for them. Greg won the Manford Shaw Faculty Publication Prize for his best-selling textbook, Operating Systems Concepts, and he continues to publish in a wide range of areas, even most recently, Snow Science.

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  • Janine Wanlass

    Janine Wanlass

    Professor, MS Clinical Mental Health Counseling


    How can 30 years of service to Westminster College be summed up in a few short paragraphs? It can’t be done, but here are some of the attributes that make Dr. Janine Wanlass special. She is intelligent, insightful, dedicated and passionate about her teaching and supervision of students. She is an excellent role model and mentor, often meeting with students well beyond what is required in order to help them become the best young professionals they can. She helps them connect to the larger clinical community, both locally and internationally, and gives them opportunities they would not have were it not for her. The students under Dr. Wanlass’ tutelage are very lucky.

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25 Years

  • Jeff Nichols

    Jeff Nichols

    Professor, History


    Jeff Nichols: Is he a Man for all Seasons or a Renaissance Man? Hard to tell because he’s been so involved in and is so proficient at so many things. He hails from New York but found his way to the University of Utah as a U.S. Navy Officer teaching ROTC. While finishing his PhD at the U, Susan Cottler thought he might be a positive addition to our history department. After all, he was an expert on Prostitution, Polygamy & Power in 19th century Salt Lake City. But being a Yankees fan and hating Boston, he was only given a half-time appointment. That would change, however, soon after Jeff co-founded the Westminster IFDS (Interdisciplinary Fluid Dynamics Seminar), which continues to this day, on Fridays, often preceded by bocce ball.

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  • Michael and Nina Vought

    Michael and Nina Vought

    Professor, Theatre


    Michael and Nina Vought have been faculty members in Westminster’s theatre department for 25 years.

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  • Nick More

    Nicholas More

    Professor, Philosophy


    I have known Nick More for several years and he is a great friend and mentor. As a friend, Nick is thoughtful, observant, and has a great sense of humor. We have spent many an hour discussing our writing, our classes, and our pedagogy over coffee – what a treat! I value Nick’s way of asking questions that get me to think and talk about my work; his influence has helped me grow as a scholar. Nick is very intentional about his teaching and he is fully engaged in the process of learning, wherever that takes him and his students. Nick is consistently considering new ideas, new ways of engaging students, and reflecting on how students learn. Having Nick as a friend and mentor encourages me think about my discipline, my work, and my approach to teaching. I know I am one of many who has been shaped by the thoughtful, supportive, and brilliant Nick More.

  • Stephanie Moyle

    Stephanie Moyle

    Director, Assessment and Accreditation Reporting, School of Business


    Stephanie has spent half of her life in the BVGSB. Nancy Panos Schmitt shared that during these 25 years, “she raised an outstanding son as a single mom, obtained her [undergraduate and graduate degrees], met and married her soulmate, traveled the world, and contributed to the growth and success of the BVGSB.” Stephanie has mastered two accreditation organizations’ requirements and has written hundreds of pages of accreditation reports, all contributing to consistent curriculum improvements. Her current role as Director of Assessment & Accreditation reflects years of leadership, not only in research and data gathering, but also in the way she goes above and beyond for her colleagues.

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20 Years

  • Gail Avendano

    Gail Avendano

    Director of Aviation Student Support


    As a member of the Aviation Leadership Team, Gail’s perspective, institutional knowledge, campus networks, attention to detail, and dedication to student success have helped guide us in making effective decisions and building an industry-leading aviation program.

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  • Julie Tille

    Julie Tille

    Director, Katherine W. Dumke Center for Civic Engagement


    Julie Tille is the Director of the Katherine W. Dumke Center for Student Engagement. Julie and the Dumke Center support community engaged learning with a variety of community partners including Promise South Salt Lake. The Dumke Center provides mentorship and support for a large number of students in their community leadership work. The Center also provides workshops for faculty and staff on community engaged learning topics.

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  • Kyle Rima

    Kyle Rima

    Deputy CIO and Director, Enterprise Applications, Information Services


    Quite simply, Kyle has a gentle wisdom to couple with great depth of institutional and technical knowledge that make him a great example as to what we should all aspire to be as we serve the purpose in the Westminster mission and community. As a person, he is always kind and warm, not just willing to help those in need, but always keeping an eye on others to support needs that are not voiced. As a professional, Kyle has a sense of duty and a work ethic that complements a wealth of knowledge and talent so as to make it a pleasure to call him a colleague. Westminster College has been fortunate for two decades to include Kyle Rima in its employ, and that good fortune only grows as Kyle continues to contribute.

15 Years

  • Christy Seifert, Professor, Master of Strategic Communication
  • Dixie Egan, Executive Assistant and Project Coordinator, Administrative Services
  • James Stimpson, Professor, Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia
  • Jon Worthen, Assistant Professor, Nursing
  • Mike Keene, Associate Professor, Management
  • Susan Labasky, Assistant Professor, Nursing
  • Valerie Burnett, Systems Librarian
  • Traci Siriprathane, Assistant Dean of Students

10 Years

  • Arikka Von, Director of Strategic Communications, Office of Marketing, Communication, and Events
  • Brad McQueen, Aviation Chair and Assistant Professor, Aviation
  • Giancarlo Panagia, Professor, Justice Studies
  • Holly Patterson, Assistant Director, Plant Operations
  • Jana Smith, Senior Payroll Specialist
  • Shelley Jarrard, Associate Athletics Director, Senior Woman Administrator
  • Spencer Brown, Technical Director

5 Years

  • Anneliese Cannon, Assistant Professor, School of Education
  • Ben Huppi, Director of Athletic Marketing and Special Events, Athletics
  • Christie Fox, Director of Retention and Student Success
  • Christopher Davids, Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Colette McAfee, Associate Professor, Master of Public Health
  • Daniel Bunker, Associate Professor, Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia
  • Dave Kimberly, Associate Professor, Biology
  • Dax Jacobson, Associate Professor, Management
  • Eric Johnson, Enrollment Systems Specialist, Enrollment Management
  • Jill Michaelson, Assistant Professor, Nursing
  • Joshua Pittman, Head Coach, Men's Soccer
  • Kathryn Holmes, General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer
  • Kimi Kawashima, Assistant Director of Music
  • Krista Todd, Assistant Professor, Neuroscience
  • Melanie Agnew, Dean of Education, School of Education
  • Nancy Brown, Director of Government Relations and Sponsored Projects
  • Norm Parrish, Head Men's Basketball Coach
  • Quincey Otuafi, Director of Admissions
  • Stephen Splinter, Campus Patrol Officer
  • Susan Arsht, Assistant Professor, Management