The Career Center offers 2 career assessments to students and alumni. Take one or more to further your understanding of how to maximize a career that is best for you.



Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Career (MBTI-Career)

This assessment is the career version of the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator. It helps you understand yourself and how different career options may fit who you are. You’ll get information on your preferred work environments and tasks and general job types for your personality.

Cost: $20


This assessment (formerly known as Strengthsfinder) indicates your top 5 themes of talent from a list of 34 themes determined by research to be ways in which people are successful in their work. This is a great assessment for a wide range of students and alumni. Research shows that people who focus on using their strengths are 6 times as likely to be engaged in their jobs.

Note: Gallup strongly advises against re-taking this, except in rare circumstances. If you have taken this in the past few years, sign in to see your reports on the CliftonStrengths website. Excellent for a wide range of students and alumni.

Cost: $15

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