Use this form to nominate a staff member that exemplifies Westminster’s core values and has made a significant contribution to the university this past month. Please provide a description for why you are nominating this individual, and include a specific example of how they have recently supported the Westminster community.

Nominations are due by the 25th of the month and the winner will be selected by the Staff Recognition committee. The results will be announced in the monthly Griffin Gazette and all nominations will be forwarded to the nominees and listed on the Westminster website. The winner will receive a gift card and access to the “Staff of the Month” parking space for the entirety of the next month.

Westminster’s Core Values

  • Impassioned teaching and active learning
  • Respect for diverse people and perspectives
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Personal and social responsibility
  • University-wide excellence
  • High ethical standards

Nomination Form

2023–24 Nominations and Winners

Winner: Jessica Lind

Nominated by: Kara McShane-Hefley

I am nominating Jessica Lind for many reasons, but I will start with the obvious - she keeps all the mail, packages, and other assorted deliveries on campus flowing smoothly and that is a huge task. It is so important to every office, academic department, and student resident to receive these items and Jessica's skillful professionalism make it all possible. Jessica is frequently asked to make major changes in delivery details with a moments notice, and always does so with positivity and accuracy. The team she trains and manages is a diverse group of students who do their job well and are appreciated by faculty and staff alike. Jessica provides such a vital service for the whole campus, and does it so well that I think many folks on campus don't even realize what happens behind the scenes and what an incredibly organized, dedicated, and knowledgeable resource she is for the University. Thank you Jessica, for all you do and for the incredible team you manage!

Elyse Correa

Nominated by: Jessica Brazell-Brayboy

Elyse is a critical member of campus operations! She is a consummate professional and is an incredible partner throughout the year but particularly during New Student Orientation. She works tirelessly behind the scenes to help other people produce successful events. Elyse is particularly gifted at creating simple strategies in complex complex and evolving situations.

Kenton Gregory

Nominated by: Jessica Brazell-Brayboy

Kenton and his team contributed significantly to the successful opening of residence halls, the dining hall, and academic buildings. He is committed to collaboration and leveraging resources to facilitate a safe and upkept environment. Three cheers for Kenton and his crew!

Science Saturday Contributors

Nominated by: Jessica Johnston

I would like to recognize many members of the campus community who have contributed to the success of Science Saturday camps at Westminster University. They provide so much support, from the fundraising to the planning to the marketing to the execution of the camp. I sincerely appreciate their enthusiastic collaboration and timely communication. With their expertise and help, we will be welcoming 42 middle school girls on campus this weekend! I am incredibly grateful to the following people for their efforts: Mary Alley, Taylor Blum. Elyse Correa, Jeff Driggs, Julie Greene, Haley Mahler, Traci Siriprathane, and Nicole Williams.

Julia Correa

Nominated by: Quincey Malauulu Otuafi

Julia just completed her first year as an admissions counselor in the Enrollment Management division. As an alum of Westminster, she brought her expertise and experience into her role and has used her connections on campus to lead the execution of 3 major recruitment events on campus. For Griffin Kick-off (an application launch event on campus), she approached the event with innovation putting an important emphasis on making the programming fun and engaging. Julia also collaborated with liaisons across campus to ensure that students had access to the resources they need in the college search process. It was clear that Julia was committed to the success of this event, as well as her overall commitment to serving students and families, when she pre-recorded her meeting contributions on multiple occasions anticipating her absence for personal leave to make sure our team had the information they needed to fulfilled the tasks Julia had delegated to them.

Kari Lindsey

Nominated by: Kelly Asao

Kari Lindsey goes above and beyond to support students on this campus. As Co-Director of First Scholars, Kari has worked tirelessly to create an engaging, impactful, and successful Summer Bridge program for the First Scholars students. She is dedicated to student success and fosters student belonging through innovative programming, excellence in teaching, and student leadership development. Kari collaborates closely with numerous campus partners, such as the Outdoor Education program, Advancement, and Admissions. She exemplifies the qualities that Westminster values, such as kindness, social responsibility, effective communication, passion, creativity, and dedication. In additional to coordinating the immersive Summer Bridge, Kari has also recruited and admitted new students to the First Scholars program in the past month. She does all this, while also being an exceptional new mother. Kari deserves to be recognized for all she does to help our students thrive.