This is your official notification of the conditions governing your merit award(s). To ensure eligibility for your merit award(s), you must meet the obligations described below.

  • All awards are contingent upon your fulfillment of award "terms and conditions."
  • The Westminster merit award is granted for eight semesters of study or receipt of bachelor’s degree (whichever occurs first). Semesters exempted through transfer credit and enrolled semesters which were not satisfactory do count toward your eight semesters.
  • Recipients must register as full-time (12 or more semester hours), degree-seeking students in each term that merit funds are received.
  • Merit award disbursements are split equally between fall and spring semesters only.
  • To renew this Westminster award in future years, you must remain in good academic standing and maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined in the Westminster University catalog.
  • A student withdrawing from the university or dropping his or her registration to a level of ineligibility (below full-time) during a term in which he or she is receiving a university-funded scholarship will forfeit the scholarship and may need to repay the full or a pro-rated amount as determined by the appeals committee.
  • Study abroad and summer-only classes, if approved by Westminster University, can be taken at another institution without forfeiting your funds.
  • Students who take approved leave of absence or withdraw in good standing from Westminster and do not attend another university or university during the academic school year are, if re- admitted to the university, eligible to renew their merit award based on the original terms and conditions.
  • Merit award reinstatement following an emergency leave is reviewed on an individual basis.
  • Students who leave Westminster University to attend another university forfeit their future Westminster merit funds.
  • If you are suspended from Westminster University, merit awards are not reinstated in the event of your readmission.
  • Westminster institutional merit funds are designated only for undergraduate enrollment and are applied only toward tuition.
  • Total Westminster University institutionally funded merit awards cannot exceed the cost of tuition. However, financial aid packages that include need-based aid may be funded beyond tuition to include additional costs of attendance such as food and housing, books and supplies, etc. Total packages may not exceed the total cost of attendance.
  • Recipients who apply for need-based financial aid will receive additional correspondence from the Office of Financial Aid. All merit award offers are counted as part of your financial aid package.
  • If, at a later date, you qualify for a higher award from Westminster, your Westminster merit award may be adjusted or superseded so that you will receive the more advantageous offer.
  • Multiple year winners of the Westminster University Science and Engineering Grant are offered one award.
  • Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration program are ineligible for merit awards.

Your acceptance of this award serves as your acceptance for each semester of eligibility. It will be automatically renewed and applied to your account in future semesters for which you are enrolled provided you meet all other eligibility criteria.