DONATE TO Great Salt Lake Institute

Great Salt Lake Institute at Westminster University endeavors to connect people to Great Salt Lake through research and education. Donating to our programs is easy.

First, tell us how much you would like to donate then click “Next Step”. Next use the dropdown menu to direct where you would like your tax-deductible donation to be directed. Your donations can support:

PELI Project: The Partnership for Education and Longitudinal Investigation of American White Pelicans aims to understand the effects of water diversion and climate change and on the birds’ migration patterns, breeding behavior and survival rates on Gunnison Island. All donations will be directed to completing research on pelicans with our undergraduate students and community partners.

Brine Fly Research: Monitoring of the brine fly life cycle with the changing lake levels and salinity to determine the population health.

Science Education and Outreach Activities: Donations will be directed to our numerous creative outreach activities.

Greatest GSLI needs: We support loads of undergraduate student researchers, their faculty mentors and the many activities they are involved with. All donations will be directed to their various projects.

Thank you for helping us accomplish our mission. Please e-mail Carly Biedul ( if you have any questions.