Westminster University has approved a list of study abroad program providers that offer students a wide variety of programs around the world. Students who have limited travel experience, who wish to study a foreign language at a beginner level, who wish to study in English in a country where English is not the native language, or students who wish to have a lot of support while abroad should consider a program through an approved provider. Westminster has also selected 3 providers, Round River, School for Field Studies, and the School for International Training, that focus on undergraduate research as a key component of the study abroad program.

Academic Credit

Students are encouraged to consider which study abroad program best fits their academic program needs when considering location and universities. Students can take liberal education courses, major or minor courses, or electives on study abroad. Before departure, students will complete a credit pre-approval form in consultation with their faculty advisors to ensure easy transfer of study abroad credit. Students must receive a C- or better for courses to transfer to Westminster.


The study abroad providers publish a program cost for each site and location. Program costs typically include tuition, housing, international health insurance, and excursions. Program costs may also include meals, typically with a host family housing option, transportation passes, and a cell phone. Students should read the program description closely to understand what is included in the published price. Additional expenses not included in the program cost include an application fee, airfare, visa fees, meals, transportation, and travel and personal expenses. All program costs are paid directly to the study abroad provider.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Federal financial aid (except Work-Study) can be utilized for a provider program but Westminster scholarships cannot. Students can apply for additional scholarships and should apply for scholarships offered through the provider. Many of the providers also offer small discounts on the program price because Westminster in an affiliated university.

How to Apply

Each provider has its own online application that students must complete. Before beginning an application, students should email the Office for Global Engagement at global@westminsteru.edu or book an appointment to discuss program options. In addition, students will complete a simple Westminster application that includes a credit pre-approval form. Students will work closely with their faculty advisors to determine how courses will transfer.

Study Abroad Program Providers

The following are approved providers. Visit each provider's website for information about program options. Students cannot participate in programs by study abroad providers not on this list. Westminster students are also eligible to participate in University of Utah faculty-led programs.