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Geology Field Camp

Geology Field Camp

At Westminster University, you can take advantage of all the American West offers when you take Geology Field Camp. You'll learn about the earth's history by venturing into the field for the ultimate hands-on experience. Geology Field Camp allows you to spend the summer semester exploring landscapes, putting all the knowledge you have built into practice, and putting the topics you discuss in the classroom into perspective.

After a week of on-campus instruction, you'll head out to field locations across Utah and Colorado to turn your observations into data, figures, and maps. When you return to the classroom, you'll have the skills crucial for success as a geologist, including the ability to:

  • Work with others to collect geologic data in challenging environments
  • Bring together multiple sources of data to support your findings
  • Communicate your findings to others

Information for Prospective Students

What to Expect

Your week of on-campus instruction will include learning about field methods, building skills, and online research to prepare you to make the most of your time. When you finish your time in the field, you will return to the classroom to process all the data and information you gathered and give a presentation about your work. 

Fieldwork consists of a series of 5 week-long trips where you’ll put your skills and knowledge into practice working as a geologist. You’ll gather data and piece together the puzzle of the earth’s history. You may find yourself mapping rock formations to reconstruct the history of a mountain range or measuring river flows to assess dam rehabilitation. The possibilities are endless. 

Each week you'll explore a new location in Utah or Colorado. Past trip locations have included:

  • Bear River Valley
  • Confusion Range
  • Echo Canyon
  • Great Basin
  • Mineral Mountains
  • Slat River Pass

Expert Faculty

Instructors are subject to change. Westminster University instructors from the Geology and Fitness, Wellness, and Recreation programs will bring expertise in geology, outdoor programming, education, and more. Questions? Email Nick Pollack at to learn more.