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Academic Advisors are currently meeting with first-year students for New Griffin Enrollment. Academic Advisors will be available for appointments again starting July 22.

With You Every Step of the Way—
From Acceptance Letter to Cap and Gown

Every undergraduate student is supported through your entire academic journey by an advising team made up of Griffins from across campus — think of them as your own Griffin Guides. Academic advisors guide you through self-discovery, community involvement, decision-making, and intentional exploration of your educational opportunities.

Advising Services

Academic advisors can help you with all of the following, and more:

  • Exploring majors, minors, and advising paths
  • Planning course registration
  • Selecting courses
  • Developing study strategies
  • Connecting with the campus community
  • Getting involved in an off-campus community
  • Removing account holds
  • Strengthening decision-making skills
  • Declaring your major
  • Navigating Self-Service and Westminster websites
  • Determining if the credit/no credit option is right for you
  • Exploring withdrawal options

Meet with an Advisor

Academic advisors are available by appointment or during individual drop-in hours. Any advisor can help you, but you may need a specific advisor based on the reason for your appointment.

If you set up a phone or virtual appointment, your academic advisor will call you using the number you provided in your appointment notes or join the virtual meeting space, included in your appointment confirmation, at the beginning of your reserved appointment time.

If you are more than 15 minutes late to an appointment, the Advising Office cannot guarantee you will be seen by an advisor and you may be asked to reschedule.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, email the advisor you are scheduled with as soon as possible to reschedule and allow another student to use your original appointment time.


Erynn Covarrubias

Erynn Covarrubias


Assistant Director of Advising

Phone: 801.832.2564
Location: Gore 109

Kayla Havens headshot

Kayla Havens


Academic Advisor

Phone: 801.832.2626
Location: Gore 101

Helaman Hernandez Headshot

Helaman Hernandez Salas 


Academic Advisor

Phone: 801.832.2627
Location: Gore 100

Schedule an Appointment with advising


Tutoring is a great option if you need one-on-one support with coursework. Undergraduate students who need help with select business, science, math, physics, and computer science courses can get help from your peers through Westminster’s tutoring centers. Tutors and coaches are students recommended by professors to assist fellow students with their studies. If a course you need help with isn’t covered by a tutoring center, you can request a tutor for almost any undergraduate course. While tutoring is available only to undergraduate students, both undergraduate and graduate students can access the Writing Center.

The advising team coordinates tutoring resources for several subjects on campus, including Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Ecology, Geology, Mathematics, Music, Neuroscience, Physics, and Statistics.

Exploratory Pathways

Exploratory Pathways at Westminster University are all about celebrating your personal “why.” These pathways were created to help you connect with meaningful experiences during your first year at Westminster. Pathways help with course selection, provide a starting place for major exploration, and highlight a set of extracurricular activities and events that are relevant to your interests.

Stories, Culture, and Ideas

  • Gaining knowledge of cultures and societies, both past and present, and using that knowledge to have societal impact.

Arts, Performance, and Creativity

  • Honing the imagination and developing an artistic voice through creativity, innovation, and performance opportunities.

Communicating, Influencing, and Messaging

  • Communicating and making a difference in the lives and education of others; exploring diverse views and creating meaningful connections.

Numbers, Data, and Analysis

  • Working with real-life problems, patterns, and technology; examining how societies provide for material and financial success.

Lab, Bodies, and Life

  • Discovering and engineering new technologies, research, or field work that help us understand the natural world and the human body.

Society, Politics, and Advocacy

  • Creating an understanding and practice of advocacy, social involvement, and justice; impacting the community through your passion for justice.

Nature, Adventure, and Exploration

  • Investigating the relationship between humans and the natural world, developing outdoor skills, and exploring how the earth works.

Pathway Events

Find events to attend that align with your interests and aspirations, connect with meaningful campus experiences, and discover all the things that make you, you.

Find a Pathway Event