30 Years

  • Georgiana Donavin

    Georgiana Donavin

    Professor, English

    Written by Chris LeCluyse


    When Westminster needed a new Latin motto, Georgi Donavin crafted Discendo Vita Abundantior, “Through Learning, a More Abundant Life.” This motto aptly expresses the effects of Georgi’s teaching and scholarship.

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  • Nicholas More

    Nick More

    Professor, Philosophy

    Written by Lance Newman, PhD


    Professor Nicholas (Nick) More came to Westminster in 1995 after completing his doctorate in philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin. He has taught dozens of philosophy classes, ranging from Introduction to Ethics to Film and Philosophy, as well as semester-length explorations of the works of individual thinkers, such as Simone de Beauvoir, Michel Foucault, and Angela Davis.

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25 Years

  • Dale Bianucci

    Dale Bianucci

    Assistant Maintenance Foreman

    Written by Kenton Gregory


    Dale Bianucci has been at the college for 25 years. During this time with Westminster College he has developed a vast knowledge of the college history and documented his impact on the college and its grounds.

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  • Bonnie Baxter

    Bonnie Baxter

    Professor, Biology

    Written by David Kimberly


    Dr. Bonnie Baxter has been an incredible force for biological education and research at Westminster College for the past twenty-five years. Her individual contributions have transformed the way students approach courses such as genetics, microbiology, and astrobiology. In the classroom, Dr. Baxter educates with a well-balanced mixture of both mastery and exuberance - a combination that leaves students with no other choice but to fall in love with the microscopic.

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  • Ronda Lucey

    Ronda Lucey DNP

    Professor, Nursing

    Written by Dr. Sheryl J. Steadman


    What a great honor to have been asked to pay tribute to Dr. Ronda Lucey.  I have known Dr. Lucey since 2003 when I joined this academic institution.  She was the first mentor I had the pleasure to work with in the nursing program and was always kind, supportive and funny. 

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20 Years

  • Robert Brinkman

    Robert Brinkman

    Science Laboratory Supervisor

    Written by Robyn Hyde


    Bob is the behind-the-scenes person that keeps Meldrum Science operational. His job description is quite mundane, “support science laboratories,” however, his work is extraordinary. He repairs everything; refrigerators, freezers, anatomy models and microscopes. If you need some obscure size of glass or plastic tubing, he runs to “House of Hose“ to find it.

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  • Robyn Hyde

    Robyn Hyde

    Robyn Hyde, Professor, Chemistry

    Written by Jessica John


    Robyn joined Westminster in 2002 bringing a deep and diverse knowledge set qualifying her to teach almost every class in the major and develop specialty classes; Food & Drink (WCore), Pharmacology (MSNA) and Medicines (CHEM). Her scuba students enjoy diving the Pacific on the Hawaii MTSE.

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  • Michael Mamo

    Michael Mamo

    Associate Economics Professor

    Written by Jon Watkins


    Michael Mamo joined the economics department in 2002. Michael is known among students for his kindness, his patience, and his organization. Michael’s mastery of econometrics allows him to focus on the needs of the students, giving ample opportunities for questions. As one student commented on ratemyprofessor, “One of my favorite professors at Westminster- he encourages discussion and participation in class. He is very kind and forgiving as long as he sees effort and enthusiasm. I have yet to meet a student here who dislikes Mamo. He relates his material to current events and does homework in class all together.”

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  • Alysse Morton

    Alysse Morton

    Full-time Management Professor

    Written by Alysse Morton


    It is hard to believe Alysse has reached her 20–year anniversary. From the start it was apparent to everyone on campus that Alysse was a capable and serious teacher. Alysse became a valuable member of the MBA faculty and the management program. Her experience in teaching coupled with accomplishments in leadership, service and collegiality have made Alysse’s contribution to the BVGSB invaluable.

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15 Years

  • Christine Clay, Professor, Biology
  • Sara Demko, Assistant Provost for Global Learning, Provost's Office
  • Chris Eggett, Assistant Director, Client Services, Information Services
  • Chris Hendrickson, Head Coach, Men and Women Alpine Skiing, Athletics
  • Han Kim, Professor, Public Health
  • Jessica Lind, Manager of Mail Services/Postage & Mail, Postage & Mail
  • Jon Worthen, Associate Professor, Nursing

  • Jan Saeed, Director of Spiritual Life, Student Service Administration

10 Years

  • Jonathan Amburgey, Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Ellen Behrens, Associate Professor, MS Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Kenton Gregory, Director, Plant and Facilities Operations, Plant Administration
  • Jerad Nigh, Campus Patrol Supervisor, Campus Patrol
  • Jovana Sisovic, Director Tax Clinic, Business
  • Tamara N. Stevenson, Vice President of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and C.D.O, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Sheila Yorkin, Chief Marketing Officer, Office of Communication

5 Years

  • Oliver Anderson, Director, Student Involvement & Orientation, Student Service Administration
  • Conor Bentley, Athletics Gifts Officer/Institutional Advancement

  • Spencer Clark, Instrument and Lab Specialist, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Alicia Cunningham-Bryant, Associate Professor, Director of Fellowship Advising, Honors
  • Sam Davis, Assistant Professor, Nursing
  • Mary Denison, Associate Director of Financial Aid, Financial Aid
  • Beth Dobkin, President
  • Shari Duckworth, Director of Student Account Services, Student Account Services
  • Chelsea Dye, Assistant Professor, Accounting

  • Kellie Gerbers, Assistant Professor, Education

  • Elizabeth Harald, Assistant Professor, Nursing

  • Jacob Jensen, Adjunct, Education
  • Laura Kendellen, Director Web Strategy, Office of Communication
  • Luann Leavitt, Adjunct, Education
  • Jingsai Liang, Assistant Professor, Computer Science
  • Samuel M. McGettigan, Assistant Director, Financial Aid Systems, Financial Aid
  • David Parrott, Assistant Professor, Biology

  • Spencer Potter, Associate Professor, Theatre

  • Brittany Wallace, Sr. HR Generalist, Human Resources