How to Use the Research Guides

Research Guides are online tools developed by Westminster University librarians to help you find research resources for specific academic disciplines. Need to find a journal article, a book, or data? View the guide for your subject area in order to connect to databases that will help you track down scholarship and information in that field. Each guide also includes a page about citing sources and the contact information for a librarian who can help with your research.

Faculty: Contact your subject’s liaison librarian to suggest edits to a research guide.

Citation Resources

Properly citing your sources shows that you’ve done research to become knowledgeable about your topic and helps you avoid plagiarism. Explore citation resources to learn how to correctly cite sources based on style.

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Anthropology Research Guide

Student in an Art Classroom

Art Research Guide

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Biology Research Guide

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Business Research Guide

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Chemistry Research Guide

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Communication Research Guide

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Computer Science Research Guide

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Data Science Research Guide

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Economics Research Guide

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Education Research Guide

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Environmental Studies Research Guide

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Geology Research Guide

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History Research Guide

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Languages Research Guide

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Literature, Media, and Writing Research Guide

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Mathematics Research Guide

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Music Research Guide

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Neuroscience Research Guide

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Nursing Research Guide

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Philosophy Research Guide

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Political Science Research Guide

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Psychology and Mental Health Counseling Research Guide

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Public Health Research Guide

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Sociology Research Guide