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Housing Registration

Register for Campus Housing

You will need the following items to complete your registration:

  • Westminster University username and password

Housing registration opens for Fall semester on March 1. Registration for Spring semester opens by October 15. Summer housing registration opens in early spring.

If you are having trouble logging in to register using your username and password, call Information Services at 801.832.2023 for assistance.

Living on Campus During Breaks

On-campus housing is closed during all breaks. Students who have a legitimate necessity to occupy on-campus housing during any break must apply for break housing no later than the deadline listed in the housing calendar.

Request Semester Break Housing View Academic Calendars

Let’s Talk Roommates

It’s one of the first things on your mind as you start preparing to make the move to college: but who will my roommate be? It’s simple, roommates are matched based on the roommate preference information you provide in your housing application.

We know what you’re thinking: what if I don’t get along with my roommate? Learning to navigate shared spaces and new personalities is part of the fun and growing experience of college. You’ll have a roommate agreement to utilize with your resident advisor if things get sticky.

If you have a friend or specific person you want to live with, don’t worry, you may be paired with one another—though it’s not guaranteed. You will need to create and accept a roommate group in the housing portal and the requested roommate must accept the roommate group. If a member of the roommate group does not accept, you won’t be paired. Individuals cannot create or accept a roommate group until they have completed their housing application for the term.

Visitation Policy

Residence Life grants the privilege of having 1 overnight guest per resident in the residence halls. The following guidelines must be met in exercising this privilege:

  • A student, with the roommates’ permission, may have no more than 1 guest at any time.
  • An overnight guest (including parents, guardians, siblings, etc.) must be registered by completing the guest visitation form in eRezlife. The guest may stay a maximum of 2 nights in a 7 day period in the host student’s hall.
  • Permission from Residence Life for an extended period may be granted if the situation warrants.
  • An overnight guest cannot be under the age of 17.
  • A guest must comply with all college policies.
  • A guest must carry identification with them while on campus.
  • The host is responsible for the actions of their guest. In the event of behavior requiring disciplinary action, the host accepts full responsibility (financial or otherwise) for the guest.
  • Guests must be accompanied by their host at all times.
  • Residents and guests are assigned to specific residence hall rooms. No resident or guest is permitted to reside in a residence hall room not specifically assigned to them.