Whether you’re returning to school after deployment, looking to build your skill set to enter the workforce, or needing continuing education credits to grow your career, you'll get personalized attention and support from the professional and continuing education (PACE) team at Westminster University.

Take advantage of professional and continuing education opportunities at any stage of your career. Westminster's interactive, online academic programs, professional development certificates, and continuing education courses give you the critical skills you need to start, grow, or transition your career.

As a professional and continuing education student, you'll benefit from Westminster's commitment to community, inclusivity, and experiential learning. At Westminster, you'll join a robust learning community that encourages strong, lasting relationships with faculty, peers, and industry professionals. Your lived experiences and knowledge are appreciated in all professional and continuing education courses and enhance your learning community's education.

Program, Certificate, and Course Offerings

Advanced Project Management Certificate

The Advanced Project Management Certificate is taught by instructors who hold a PMP certification, have advanced educational credentials, and are PMI Registered Education Providers. Curriculum consists of basic, intermediate, and advanced sections.

Guiding Organizational Change Simulation

The Guiding Organizational Change Simulation requires project managers to:

  1. Exercise the complete range of project management tools and techniques while managing a significant corporate project
  2. Develop a valuable new set of leadership skills held by a select few—guiding others through the unsettling distress of major changes to their organization.

The course will develop and assess your ability to guide a team through actual, real-time projects with multiple, simultaneous, overlapping, organizational changes. You will learn practical skills that will help you and your project team get through changes faster, with less pain, and with better outcomes. This course is a requirement towards the Advanced Project Management Certificate.

Project Management Training Camp Simulation

This project management simulation course places real project managers in real-time situations. You will work in a team-based environment using computer simulations to solve real problems, while practicing and applying various project management techniques. The course provides critical, fundamental skills for project managers who may or may not be at a senior level but spend most of their time managing projects, including those who manage large and complex projects or multiple projects. Technical or non-technical managers, line or staff, individual contributors, or project leaders all find this course equally valuable. This course is a requirement towards the Advanced Project Management Certificate.

PMP Exam Preparation Course

The PMP prep course teaches you project management terminology and principles that are accepted worldwide. You will learn the 5 project management process groups and receive detailed instruction in a variety of knowledge areas. This course is a requirement towards the Advanced Project Management Certificate.

Basic and Advanced Construction Management Certificates

The Basic Construction Management and Advanced Construction Management certificates are offered through a partnership with the National Association of Construction Professionals. The curriculum for the certificates prepares you for examinations to earn credentials.

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Preparation Course

The CAPM prep course teaches you project management terminology and principles that are accepted worldwide. You will learn about the 5 project management process groups and receive detailed instruction in a variety of knowledge areas. This course is a requirement towards the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM).

Leadership Certificate Program

This project-based Leadership Certificate Program helps each person critically analyze information, solve complex problems, and develop communication skills that make everyone around them better. Participants create a vision for their respective work units, establish an action plan to achieve that vision, and develop the skills to inspire and motivate stakeholders. As participants move through the program, they critically assess their performance, track their leadership progress, and receive detailed feedback in 10 different areas of leadership.

Project Management and Leadership Certificate

The Project Management and Leadership Certificate introduces project managers to the necessary management and leadership skills to help them and their teams deliver successful project results. Certificate curriculum begins with an online project management fundamentals course, followed by 2 team-based simulation courses. The program also provides in-depth instruction on project management processes and knowledge areas. Courses are taught by instructors who hold a PMP® certification, have advanced educational credentials, and are PMI® Registered Education Providers or PMI® Authorized Training Partners. Required coursework can be completed the in less than 1 year. Upon successful completion of all sections and courses, you will be awarded the Project Management and Leadership Certificate.

Westminster's Professional and Continuing Education department will customize the trainings, courses, and degrees it offers to fit your organization's needs, or will help you create a totally new professional enhancement opportunity for your employees by pulling from the university's expert faculty and industry professionals. This can be as focused as a leadership or project management course or as complex as a fully-customized bachelor's or master's degree.

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Westminster offers a variety of continuing education credit courses that help you meet the continuing education requirements in your career.

Arts Education Continuing Education Program

The Arts Education Continuing Education program (part of Westminster's ArtsConnect initiative) focuses on the progressive pedagogical approach of arts integration, offering select courses that can be taken independently or used to meet the requirements for categories 3 and 4 of the Utah State Board of Education’s Elementary Arts Integration Endorsement. The courses also qualify for lane-change credit in most school districts (approved by your LEA beforehand). Completing of some of the courses results in receiving funds for classroom art supplies, and completing the Elementary Arts Integration Endorsement results in additional funding.

These courses are most beneficial for elementary classroom teachers; however, any adult seeking to advance their knowledge of arts-integrated curriculum design can enroll.

Courses include:

  • AED 01: Arts Integration Methods
  • AED 02: Content Methods (in either Dance, Music, Visual Arts, or Drama)
  • AED 03: Arts Connect International Rwanda

A scholarship opportunity is available for AED 01 and 02.

Academic Programs

Westminster's interactive, online academic programs allow you to obtain a degree around your personal and professional schedule. Programs are designed to utilize your professional experience and goals and build upon them. The curriculum for these programs is competency-based, meaning it was developed to help you master certain knowledge, skills, and abilities (competencies) as you progress.

There are a lot of options for degrees that can be completed online, but employers know the difference when they look at your resume. Westminster offers degrees you can count on that will be recognizable to current or future employers as you progress in your career.

Graduate Degree Programs

Professional and continuing education graduate degree programs are project-based—instead of taking multiple courses, you will complete a set of project-sequences that cover a variety of competencies, putting theory into practice:

If you have credits from graduate studies at another institution, they can be transferred on a case-by-case basis by working with the Registrar’s Office and the Professional and Continuing Education department.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Any WCore (liberal education program) requirements you have to fulfill can be completed online along with the requirements for your interactive, online undergraduate program:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration: Concentrate on developing new business skills while instantaneously applying them in a professional setting by completing a set of project-sequences rather than taking multiple courses.
Complete Your Undergraduate Degree
Transfer Credits to Finish Your Bachelor’s Degree

If you have already earned credit towards an undergraduate degree, Westminster strives to make your credit transfer process as simple as possible. Once you have been accepted to Westminster and your transcripts from your previous institution(s) are received, the Registrar's Office will complete an evaluation generally within 2 business days. Then, you will meet one-on-one with an academic advisor who will let you know which credits you can transfer into the undergraduate professional and continuing education academic programs and what courses you have remaining to complete.

Salt Lake Community College Partnership

If you are getting started at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC), Westminster has established a partnership with SLCC to help you transfer with ease into 2 professional and continuing education programs. The following defined pathways prevent you from taking unnecessary coursework:

Westminster is the only higher education institution in Utah that awards credit for the work experience you already have through a Prior Learning Assessment. This opportunity is available for the Bachelor of Business Administration program to avoid taking classes focusing on the material you are already familiar with.

Support Services

No matter what unique circumstances you face—whether you’re employed full-time, support a family, are looking to switch careers or move up in the one you're in, need to complete a degree you started long ago, or many other situations—Westminster understands the challenges you face when pursuing an education and takes pride in helping you reach your goals, every step of the way. Dedicated advisors in the Professional and Continuing Education department serve as your resource for any question or issue that may arise. Advisors also help connect you to the resources and services provided to all students. Westminster offers information on best practices you can follow for online learning in any professional and continuing education academic program, certificate, or continuing education credit course.



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