30 Years

  • Bill Bynum

    Bill Bynum

    Associate Professor, Mathematics


    The math faculty included only three in 1989 when we were able to add a fourth position. Department Chair Bruce Bemis met Bill, saw him teach a class in Idaho, and was beyond enthusiastic about Bill’s application for the position. Bill’s visit to campus quickly convinced the rest of the committee that Bruce was exactly right: we couldn’t possibly have found anyone who would be a better fit with Westminster.

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    Roksana Rezaei

    Database Administrator, Information Services


    Roksana Rezaei has had a long career in IS at Westminster. She has served as a computer systems operator, a network support technician, a senior database analyst, a computer support coordinator in the Faculty Technology Center, and is now serving as a database administrator.

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25 Years

  • Chris Quinn

    Chris Quinn

    Professor, Florence J. Gillmor Music


    Christopher Quinn arrived at Westminster College in the summer of 1994, and he was both blessed and cursed with the job of creating a music program out of next to nothing. It is impossible to overstate how perfect a match Chris was for the challenge he faced. Being a natural visionary with an infectious love for his art, he quickly and creatively amassed available resources—including talented local musicians—and ignited a campus music scene that, through his leadership, has grown steadily in size and influence ever since.

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  • Gretchen Siegler

    Gretchen Siegler

    Professor, Anthropology


    Professor Gretchen Siegler has spent the majority of her professional career at Westminster. In her many years here, she has served her program and the college in many capacities; overseeing the anthropology program as the one and only anthropologist on staff, and for many years, chairing the social sciences division. But her primary passion is for teaching and her students. While specializing in cultural anthropology, with an emphasis on the anthropology of religion, she has taught a wide variety of courses in all the subfields of that discipline, including paleoanthropology, primatology and archeology.

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20 Years

  • Peggy Cain

    Peggy Cain

    Professor, Education


    Peggy Cain is a professor in the School of Education and the current director of the Master of Arts in Community Leadership and Master of Education programs, as well as the undergraduate education studies program.

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  • Mary Jane Chase

    Mary Jane Chase

    Professor, History


    Mary Jane Chase is the best of colleagues: generous and dedicated, experienced and open to new endeavors. Having approached her career at Westminster College in reverse—moving from dean of the School of Arts and Sciences (1999–2013) to a professorship—Mary Jane combines a comprehensive knowledge of the institution with fresh approaches to teaching. Her intrepid embrace of Reacting to the Past role-playing games, for instance, has caused much excitement among humanities majors.

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  • Peter Ingle

    Peter Ingle

    Associate Professor, Education


    Peter Ingle is an Associate Professor in the School of Education. His commitment to education began long before his faculty appointment and the work he has done for the college is too numerous to list. A few highlights of his career at the college include serving as Chair of the faculty and Senate, director of the learning coalition (2009–14), and interim dean for the School of Education (2014–16).

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  • Heidi Van Ert

    Heidi Van Ert

    Professor, WCore


    Heidi’s special talent is teacher extraordinaire. She is also a visual artist, a playwright, a ballroom dancer, a former ski racer, and a Pokémon Go master.

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  • Quinn Brown

    Quinn Brown

    Lead Maintenance Technician


    Quinn Brown has been with the college for 20 years as a lead maintenance technician. He has seen a lot of the college be built and his knowledge of campus buildings is invaluable. He takes a lot of pride in his work and what he does. Notably, he worked on the team that installed the new lights in Benhken Field House and Payne Gym.

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  • Frank Backman

    Frank Backman

    Chief of Maintenance, Flight Operations (Airport)


    Frank Backman has been responsible for the safe and efficient maintenance of the college’s fleet of aircraft since Westminster took delivery of its first aircraft in 2000. Everyone in flight operations (students, instructors, managers) relies on Frank, as the work he is responsible for is the most important work required in the flight operations center. Without his dedication to managing the aviation fleet, the flight operations center wouldn't be able to run, and its industry reputation would be in jeopardy.

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15 Years

  • Debbie McKinstry, Director of Advancement Services
  • Janine Wittwer, Professor, Mathematics
  • Jennifer Raineri, Administrative Assistant, School of Business
  • Lauren LoRe, Associate Professor, Finance

10 Years

  • Laura Iverson-Bastiani, Assistant Director of Fitness, Wellness, and Recreation
  • Sarah Lof, Graduation Coordinator and Office Manager, Registrar
  • Emily Swanson, Library Director
  • Hikmet Loe, Manager of Adjunct Faculty Resources
  • Jennifer Ritter, Professor, English
  • Matt Kruback, Associate Professor, Art
  • John Contreras, Professor, Master of Public Health

5 Years

  • Alison Vasquez, Director of International Student Services and Study Abroad
  • Kristie Spellen, Director of Admissions Events and Marketing
  • Autumn Thatcher, Director of Publications and Managing Editor, Office of Communications
  • David Perry, Director, Academic Administration, Provost's Office
  • Earl Widner, Maintenance Technician
  • Harry Cross Jr., Set-up Coordinator, Facilities Management
  • Jessica Johnston, Associate Professor, Chemistry
  • Julian Mendez, Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Julie Freestone, Executive Director, Human Resources
  • Lowell Oswald, Associate Professor, Special Education
  • Mark Green, Campus Patrol Officer
  • Meredith Nickels, Assistant Director of Admissions Operations
  • Tiffany Rivera, Associate Professor, Geology