students unpacking boxes in dorm room

Packing List

Pack your bags! Move-in day is coming soon. Know what you’re bringing? Here are some basics you’ll need in Westminster’s residence halls.

  • What To Bring
  • What NOT To Bring
  • Being Green

What To Bring

In addition to clothes, personal items, and school supplies, you will need the following:

  • Linens
    • Twin-size sheets (standard size, not extra-long)
    • Pillow, blankets, and/or comforter
    • Towels (we recommend two sets)
  • Bathrobe
  • Toiletries
  • Shower basket or bag
  • Clothes hangers
  • Surge protector (high-quality power strip)
  • Laundry soap, dryer sheets, softeners, etc.
  • Dishes, silverware, basic cooking utensils for snacks
  • First aid kit including a thermometer

You’ll want something that makes your space feel like yours. You should coordinate with your roommate to plan other items to bring (especially larger things like TVs). The following list can give you some ideas about what other students have brought:

  • TV and HDMI cable
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Cleaning supplies (if you’re in apartment-style housing, don't forget bathroom cleaning supplies; you may borrow a vacuum from Residence Life)
  • Wall/door decorations (adhesives must not damage wall and we strongly discourage the use of command strips, as they have caused significant damage to walls on campus) 
  • Plants
  • Iron and ironing board or small steamer
  • Air freshener
  • Coffee maker (with automatic shut-off)
  • Mini fridge (RHA has a limited number available for rent)
  • Cards and games
  • Sports and recreational equipment
  • Bicycle, helmet, and bike lock

Additional Items for Apartment Style:

  • Pots and pans
  • Mixing bowls
  • Water pitcher
  • Small kitchen appliances
  • Basic condiments and cooking ingredients
  • Toilet paper
  • Toilet brush and plunger
  • Bath mat

Sure, it’s an apartment, but as any city dweller knows, storage space is limited, so make sure that most of what you bring fits in your room. Another note, personal belongings are not covered under Westminster's insurance policy, so all residents are encouraged to purchase renters insurance.

What NOT To Bring

The following items are not allowed:

  • Incense and candles
  • Fireworks
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Any type of empty alcohol/beer containers
  • Pets, other than fish and approved support animals

Possession of any electrical appliance for food preparation is prohibited in Hogle and Carleson rooms (e.g., microwave, toaster ovens, hot plates, large refrigerators, skillets, toasters, etc.). If you would like one of these items, you may use and store them in the kitchen area. In apartment-style housing, use of the above items are allowed only in the kitchen areas.

All rooms in all residence halls are non-smoking and non-vaping.

Being Green

  • Buy Green for your room. There are several environmentally friendly products out there at competitive prices—everything from organic cotton sheets to chemical-free cleaners to recycled school supplies.

  • Pack with T-shirts, towels, or newspaper. Instead of purchasing bubble wrap or packing peanuts, try using clothes or old newspaper to protect your stuff. For larger items, try wrapping them in blankets or comforters and tying with reusable twine.
  • Think ahead. On average, students will move twice every year in college. If you bring cardboard moving boxes, consider keeping some flattened under your bed to reuse. It’s also a good idea to invest in reusable bins or trunks and use empty suitcases. If you need to purchase cardboard boxes, look for used ones at local grocery or big box stores.
  • Skip the bottled water. Consider purchasing a water filter and make use of the reusable water bottles that are given out at orientation. Goosenecks and water filling stations are available throughout campus.
  • Avoid unnecessary duplicates. It's a good idea to contact your roommates before packing to find out in advance what everyone is bringing. This will save money and space when packing.
  • Know what Westminster gives you. Westminster provides many student services, which means you’ll need less stuff. Westminster RHA rents mini fridges—contact them today to rent one for next year. Students have access to free printing at Giovale Library and computers all around campus, so a personal printer isn't really necessary. Westminster also provides students with free access to the UTA bus/trax system, and free bike rentals through Westminster's Bike Collective.
  • Recycle. Recycling bins for individual rooms are available to rent through the Environmental Center. Additionally, recycling bins are located on all floors of residential halls and every building on campus (glass recycling is available in Shaw and Meldrum).
  • Plan your trips. If new purchases are needed, try to shop locally in Sugar House, which will save you time and money and reduce the carbon footprint of your move-in.
  • Bag the bag. Don't forget to bring reusable bags with you when you go shopping for school supplies and food. Many grocery stores offer discounts on purchases when you bring a reusable bag.
  • Remember to unplug. Leaving your chargers, appliances, and lights unplugged during move-in may help you set habits for the rest of the year to reduce energy use and save money.