30 Years

  • Saeed Rezai

    Saeed Rezai

    Director of Risk Management and Compliance


    Saeed Rezai is a fixture on Westminster’s campus. Throughout his journey here, he has been a student, staff member, and leader. He has been with the college for 30 years, starting as a student and student-worker in campus security. After graduating with a BS in computer science in 1990, supervisors Richard Brockmyer and Steve Morgan offered him a promotion to serve as the director of campus security. In 2017, Saeed was promoted to director of risk management, where he is recognized as an expert in all areas of risk inherent to operations of the college. Most recently, Saeed has been instrumental in establishing the Emergency Operations Center to manage all emergencies and coordinate emergency response efforts across campus.

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  • Craig McLean

    Craig McLean



    Thirty years is a long time to witness the changes that have occurred on campus. Craig has been here through financial ups and downs, six presidents, and the construction of most campus buildings. Craig orchestrates everything from designing and planting the campus grounds, spring campus cleanups, and planting the grounds around new construction. He works closely with environmental studies students, helping them to locate the perfect areas on campus to plant various gardens, including the organic garden, the Native American garden, and the butterfly garden. He provides expertise on which native plants would best attract wildlife and benefit insects.

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25 Years

  • Georgi Donavin

    Georgi Donavin

    Professor, English


    Georgiana Donavin is one of the most engaged scholars at Westminster. During her time at the college she has published two individually authored books, edited four anthologies, helped found two scholarly journals, delivered dozens of conference papers, and contributed over two dozen articles, book chapters, and book reviews to journals and collections at the forefront of medieval studies and the history of rhetoric. She is currently on sabbatical completing her third individually authored book, John Gower's Rhetoric: The Virgin Mary, John the Baptist, and Classical Authority.

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  • Curtis Ryan

    Curtis Ryan

    Vice President of Finance


    Curtis Ryan grew up in Salt Lake and graduated from the University of Utah with a BS degree in accounting. Prior to becoming the college’s chief business officer in 1992, he was a senior auditor with Coopers & Lybrand and supervised the annual financial audit of the college for five years.

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20 Years

  • Bonnie Baxter

    Bonnie Baxter

    Professor, Biology


    Most people don’t know that Bonnie Baxter uses every means possible to help make the material she is teaching understandable. Often, Bonnie is in class doing some interesting and amazing avant-garde modern dance moves to help students understand how muscles or chemicals move and interact. It’s fun, educational, and importantly, very memorable.

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  • Dale Bianucci

    Dale Bianucci

    Assistant Maintenance Foreman


    Dale has been with the college for 20 years. During that time, he has witnessed the construction of nine new buildings and six major additions to existing buildings. He is a big part of why Westminster College has the serene and beautiful grounds that we all enjoy. He works hard to maintain the grounds through snow, sleet, rain, and leaves. Dale has proven to be beyond amazing and indispensable.

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  • Dan Byrne

    Dan Byrne

    Associate Professor, Computer Science


    Dan has taught at Westminster College since 2001. He teaches a variety of applied computer science topics such as databases, computer security, Linux systems, and assembly language. His interests are interdisciplinary in general, which influences his teaching of geographic information systems and geology topics.

  • Nichole Greenwood

    Nichole Greenwood

    Director of Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness


    Nichole has worked in numerous capacities on campus, beginning as Steve Morgan’s first work-study. She then became the campus operator and, if you've been on campus as long as she has, it's guaranteed she still knows your phone extension. Nichole then became a database expert who responded to surveys on the college's behalf. She later assisted faculty in the Faculty Technology Center and went on to serve in her current position as director of institutional research, planning, and effectiveness.

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  • Melissa Nisonger

    Melissa Nisonger

    Transfer Coordinator


    Melissa Nisonger has been a part of the Westminster community for 20 years. She ensures quality service to students, faculty, and staff by providing attentive, timely, accurate, readable, and clear appraisals of incoming transfer credit and explanations of college policies and procedures. She manages non-routine registrations and records changes, maintains and organizes records, and prepares reports. Melissa represents Westminster College in the Utah State Articulation Committee, a statewide group that meets to discuss and improve policies and processes related to transfer credits.

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  • Collin Bunker

    Collin Bunker

    Director, Information Services


    Collin Bunker has been a part of the Westminster community for 20 years. An alum of the college (he has both a BS and an MBA), Collin serves in the capacity of the director of Information Services. Collin has shown his propensity for leadership across campus serving on various committees and is currently a member of Staff Council. However, those of us who work with him know he brings more than just experience. Collin has a high level of emotional intelligence, which is consistently demonstrated by his leadership style. His colleagues know he cares about them and that he is willing to be an advocate, confidant, and friend.

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  • Ronda Lucey

    Ronda Lucey

    Professor, Nursing


    Dr. Ronda Lucey is the director of the Family Nurse Practitioner program. During her time at Westminster, she has become known not only for her numerous accomplishments—such as maintaining a 100 percent student-pass rate on the nurse practitioner boards examination—but also for her kindness in the workplace.

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15 Years

  • Alysse Morton, Professor, Management
  • Brian Avery, Professor, Biology
  • Chris Eggett, Computer Support Technician
  • Colleen Sandor, Professor, Psychology
  • Jennifer Medrano, Director of Accounting Services
  • Lesa Ellis, Professor, Psychology
  • Mark Ferne, Chief Student Affairs Officer
  • Michael Mamo, Associate Professor, Master of Business Administration
  • Robert Brinkman, Science Laboratory Supervisor
  • Robyn Hyde, Professor, Chemistry
  • Tim Carr, Assistant Professor, Education

10 Years

  • Amy Fairchild, Administrative Assistant, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Ashley Williams, Director, Graduate and International Admissions
  • Baptiste Prevot, MBA and Graduate Programs Operations Director, School of Business
  • Candice Greenwald, Director of Budget
  • Chris Hendrickson, Head Ski Coach, Men’s and Women’s Teams
  • Christine Clay, Associate Professor, Biology
  • Han Kim, Associate Professor, Master of Public Health
  • Jan Saeed, Director of Spiritual Life
  • Jessica Lind, Manager of Mail Services
  • Johanna Snow, Director, Brand Marketing and Strategy
  • Karen Hicks, Director, Disability Services and Testing Center
  • Krista DeAngelis, Director of Media and Public Relations
  • Linda Spackman, Financial Aid Counselor
  • Lisa Jones, Director of Counseling
  • Sara Demko, Assistant Provost for Global Learning
  • Scott Gust, Associate Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Shamby Polychronis, Associate Professor, Education
  • Tony LeBlanc, Head Coach, Women’s Soccer
  • Will Deutschman, Professor, Chemistry
  • Winter Morse, Director of Academic Computing

5 Years

  • Art Shimata, Associate Professor, Master of Nurse Anesthesia
  • Ashley Kramer, Assistant Dean, Arts and Sciences
  • Brent Olson, Associate Professor, Environmental Studies
  • Christine Hartman, Director, Software Engineering
  • Cliff Hurst, Associate Professor, Management
  • Curtis Newbold, Associate Professor, Communications
  • David Paskett, Assistant Director of Financial Aid
  • Ellen Behrens, Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Heather Batchelor, Associate Professor, Education
  • Jamie Joanou, Associate Professor, Education
  • Jason Waterman, Eligibility Coordinator
  • Jerad Nigh, Campus Patrol Supervisor
  • Jonathan Amburgey, Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Jonathan McKenzie, Coordinator, Center for Financial Analysis
  • Juanita Takeno, Assistant Professor, Nursing
  • Judy Fang, Director of Corporate Giving
  • Julie Honey, Associate Professor, Nursing
  • Kenton Gregory, Maintenance Foreman
  • Leo Figueroa-Helland, Associate Professor, Political Science
  • Michael Chipman, Assistant Professor, Music
  • Roxanne Derda, Circulation Manager
  • Sara Beaudry, Assistant Athletic Trainer and Coach
  • Sheila Yorkin, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Stephanie Nagata, Director, Student Health Services
  • Tamara Stevenson, Associate Professor, Communication