The Westminster University COVID-19 Digital Collection documents the experiences of the Westminster community during the COVID-19 pandemic. The collection is comprised of user-submitted photos, textual images, videos, and sound recordings that detail pandemic experiences unique to the individual or those around them. This collection is available to the public via the Westminster University Institutional Repository. 

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Contribute to the Collection

Members of the Westminster community are invited to contribute to the collection. Submissions are not guaranteed inclusion in the published digital collection. They are up for review and subject to approval by Giovale Library. 

Submission Rules

  • Do not share someone else’s medical history without their consent. This is a violation of the Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 
  • Do not share someone else’s experience without their consent. 
  • Do not include any of your personal information that you do not want to be public. 

Submission Ideas 

Everyone has something to share about their experience during the pandemic. Anything can be submitted, but consider the following as ideas for what your contribution might include: 

  • How have you maintained your friendships while being away from school or home? 
  • What was your life like at the beginning of the pandemic? What is it like now? 
  • How has your student or work-life been affected by the pandemic? Did you attend or teach classes virtually? Did you establish new work practices to comply with safety protocols? 
  • How has your home community and/or the Westminster community changed or adapted during the pandemic? (e.g., Have businesses closed? Have social spaces adjusted to follow pandemic protocols? Have new businesses opened or social events occurred?) 
  • What was your experience during the spring earthquake and/or the fall windstorm that affected campus? 
  • How did the pandemic affect important events that you attended over the past year? (e.g., Did you attend political rallies? Did you take part in protest movements? What was it like to vote in local and national elections? Did you attend commencement?) 
  • How was your vaccination experience? 

Accepted Submission Formats 

Sound Recordings1 
Textual Images2 
Video Recordings 
  1. composed music, oral histories, interviews, etc.
  2. stories, personal essays, poems, transcripts of interviews, etc.

Submit Your Contribution 


Contact Reese Julian if you have any questions or problems with the submission process.