Westminster University offers a Leadership Certificate Program to help companies prepare high potential employees for future leadership roles where they can motivate people to work together to help the organization thrive.

This project-based program helps each person critically analyze information, solve complex problems, and develop communication skills that make everyone around them better. Employees will immediately apply what they learn, receive feedback, and see how the module material and work they produce directly applies to their area of expertise. Each participant and team receives a faculty coach assigned to work with them to consult in real-time.

Program Details

Over the course of 10 modules (2 days each), employees will solidify the skills they need to become an effective and true leader in their organization. As they move through the coursework, they will create a vision for their respective work units, establish an action plan to achieve that vision, and develop the skills they need to inspire and motivate stakeholders. And, after each module, Westminster's experienced faculty will coach them on how to move their organization toward realizing its full potential by working on individual and team follow-up projects related to everyday work experience.

Completion of the Leadership Certificate Program also makes participants eligible for special offers in 2 of Westminster academic programs:

Cross-Functional Team Development

The Leadership Certificate Program develops individual styles of leadership as well as team leadership skills. Each employee gains deep knowledge about your company, including its mission, clients, market, internal processes, competition, and how they can creatively contribute to the company's success. Follow-up projects after each module require employees to perform as a high functioning team and help make an immediate impact on your organization.

Create a Buzz in Your Company

Motivate your employees and energize your culture. Over and over, Westminster has seen the impact this program has on companies. Employees get excited, elevate their performance, and want the opportunity to be chosen for this program. The Professional and Continuing Education department is happy to put you in touch with companies who have been through the program that can attest to the impact it has made on their organization.

Retain Talent

The Leadership Certificate Program helps companies retain talent by challenging employees and preparing them for leadership positions. The program helps each employee understand the skills required to be a professional relationship manager and allows them to apply those skills immediately, internally and externally, to become a true leader.


Any topic or session can be tailored to specifically meet the individual educational needs of your company if desired through the Professional and Continuing Education department's custom corporate trainings opportunity.

Leadership Certificate Program One Sheet

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how their work contributes to the larger organization and its culture
  • Evaluate individual leadership performance to determine leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop leadership vision, goals, metrics, and strategies for improvement
  • Implement strategies to improve leadership capacity
  • Evaluate the success of strategies employed to improve leadership effectiveness given leadership vision

Learning Outcomes

  • Adapt to 6 different leadership styles, applying appropriate communication techniques for different contexts
  • Prepare and deliver high-quality, professionally structured and designed presentations
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in written, oral, non-verbal, and visual communication
  • Develop an individual leadership vision statement with specific emphasis on communication
  • Assess effective communication techniques to support top leadership

Learning Outcomes

  • Utilize negotiation tools to ensure win-win and fair outcomes
  • Recognize and successfully implement best practices in conflict resolution by using contextually effective techniques
  • Demonstrate problem-solving skills, self-management, active listening, planning and assessing negotiations

Learning Outcomes

  • Create effective hiring practices
  • Implement effective strategies to develop talent
  • Design and execute policies and procedures that inspire and engage employees
  • Recognize, create and explain performance using strategic alignment

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify obstacles to innovation and articulated strategies for creating an ideal team environment and process
  • Execute strategies for creating, leading, and participating in a high-performing team
  • Implement strategies for measuring and evaluating team performance

Learning Outcomes

  • Assess what change means to people within specific organizations
  • Utilize different change models for organizational leadership
  • Develop skills to become an effective change agent and evaluate metrics for success
  • Effectively navigate adversity and pitfalls that come with change management

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate how strategy supports the mission, vision, values, and goals of an organization
  • Understand and use tools for internal and external analysis to understand the environment an organization competes in
  • Understand sources of competitive advantage
  • Conduct a stakeholder analysis
  • Develop strategic initiatives based on analyses

Learning Outcomes

  • Formulate appropriate value propositions and marketing strategies for the company using the marketing metrics discussed in class
  • Use and apply appropriate analytical tools for evaluation
  • Interpret quantitative information clearly and derive relevant implications and strategic recommendations based on data

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a data perspective of organizational change that complements organization mission, vision, and values
  • Apply technical, visualizations, data-informed decision making, and communication
  • Analyze the four characteristics of the data literacy

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and apply lean thinking principles
  • Use lean canvas concepts to identify and scope a process improvement project
  • Synthesize lean principles with project management fundamentals to plan, execute, control, and close a process improvement project

What Business Leaders Are Saying About Westminster's LCP

The Mastering Leadership Certificate program afforded me and my peers the opportunity to work with faculty on real world scenarios. The program also opened up meaningful and productive dialogue within the cohort that translated into projects that delivered real value to the company. The Administrative and Faculty teams were responsive to feedback and truly partnered with us to make the program even more effective.
John B., Director at Discover Financial Services
One key part of the training for our team was the group setting and support we all felt. The environment was open to questions and different approaches to learning. The team was able to share common challenges they faced, and together, we brainstormed solutions. From this brainstorming, we have closed several deals and look forward to closing many more in the future.
Don Youngberg, AVP Business Services, Mountain America Credit Union
I have been impressed by the outcomes of the Mastering Leadership Certificate program. Our associates are learning and honing the skills they need for our executive roles. Prior to each session, we meet with the faculty coach to ensure the content and project are customized to Arnold Machinery. Then the interactive classroom learning is applied as our associates work on projects. As an added benefit, associates are building relationships and learning how to work more effectively in teams.
Kayden Bell, CFO, Arnold Machinery Company

In 2006, Westminster launched 4 successful competency-based degree programs and the leadership certificate program. Now, the university is developing corporate education partnerships with large and small organizations to help them take advantage of Westminster's professional and continuing education opportunities.

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