Westminster students from a variety of academic programs craft incredible works of art. View their works in this online version of the Student Art Exhibition or visit the exhibition in person.

beautiful self-portrait of a woman in a library Gwen Grunwald Pretentious Self-Portrait I oil on canvas (2021)


black and white self portrait of lady in mirror Gwen Grunwald Pretentious Self-Portrait II charcoal on paper (2021)


naked black and white femaleGwen Grunwald Finale I graphite on paper (2021)


deconstructed road signsAshli Rigby Directionless acrylic and collage (2022)


neon painting of womanAshli Rigby Neon Wanderer cut paper (2021)


painting of woman's head half opened with a house in itAshli Rigby Byproduct cut paper (2022)


little cute ceramic creatures in bright colorsAunika Woodbury Lil’ Buddies ceramic and acrylic (2023)


pink ceramic creature with blue eyes and hairAunika Woodbury Bim Bam ceramic and acrylic (2023)


blue vase with yellow topKylee Morgan Blue ceramic (2022)


yellow vase with dainty flowers in them Kylee Morgan Yin Yang ceramic (2022)


collage painting of frog, woman's head, flowers, etc. frogdic nenenene mixed media (2022)


old school tv with lots of images and quotesfrogdic who am i? mixed media (2023)


sculpture of FridaAlhondra Lopez Frida ceramic and glaze (2021)


mountain sculpture with underwater lake sceneAlhondra Lopez Popocatépetl & Iztaccíhuatl ceramic and underglaze (2022)


black and white drawing of cactus with clothes lineLucy MacKay Arid pen and ink (2023)


black and white drawing of plant person sitting on bedLucy MacKay You Can’t Keep Waiting pen and ink (2023)


drawing of elderly male with white hair and beardAlden Stephens James McKevitt oil on canvas (2022)


colorful blotchy diptych Josii Johnson Can You Hear Me? acrylic on canvas panel (2023)


black and white modern artLiberty Lyman Rebirth pigment print of digital drawing (2023)


monkey sitting on yellow couch in blue roomXavier Judd Dreams of the Blue Room oil on canvas (2023)


photos of females with quotes covering their face regarding consentElyse Swensen No Means No pigment print (2022)


green vase with lid Sam Metzler Untitled ceramic and glaze (2022)


green vase with lid ajarSam Metzler Untitled ceramic and glaze (2022)


black and white comic book strip drawingsKatherine Larson Confrontation pen and ink (2022)


melted glob of clear tape with words written on themCleo Walker Lost mixed media (2023)


tower sculptureAugustus Corvus The Tower mixed media (2021)


tower sculptureAugustus Corvus The Tower Mixed Media (2021)


tower sculptureAugustus Corvus The Tower Mixed Media (2021)


tower sculptureAugustus Corvus The Tower Mixed Media (2021)


bug candleholder sculptureMya Kirke Untitiled mixed media (2022)


bug candleholder sculptureMya Kirk Untitled mixed media (2022)


bug candleholder sculptureMya Kirk Untitled mixed media (2022)


snake with floral border Mattigan Wheelwright Rebirth gouache (2022)


bright blue vaseHayden Jones Blue Vase wheel-thrown ceramic, barium glaze (2022)


white and yellow container with two holes in lidHayden Jones Lidded Container Wheel-thrown ceramic, celadon glaze (2022)


Visit the Exhibit

Exhbition Dates: February 20–March 17, 2023

Location: Tanner Atrium of the Jewett Center for the Performing Arts

Hours: 9:00 a.m.–9: 00 p.m.

DO NOT touch anything in the exhibit.


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