Westminster University understands that testing positive for COVID-19 can be overwhelming. Students who test positive for COVID-19 can choose to isolate on or off campus, whichever meets their needs. If you isolate yourself off-campus, you cannot return to campus until you meet isolation requirements. If you isolate yourself on campus, Westminster will provide you with an isolation space.

Moving to On-Campus Isolation

Any residential student who tests positive for COVID-19 may use on-campus isolation. You will move to on-campus isolation after submitting a positive COVID-19 test result and information to the campus COVID-19 reporting structure. You could be assigned a roommate in the apartment while in isolation, but you will be the only person assigned to the individual bedroom.

Once you begin isolating, you cannot leave your assigned space. To make your stay more enjoyable, plan to have enough clean and comfortable clothes for the number of days you’ll be laying low, a favorite pillow or blanket, your cell phone, and a laptop. In addition, you’ll also want to bring a cup or a water bottle to drink water in isolation, a toiletry kit, and any prescription and non-prescription medications or eyewear. Residence Life will provide you with a linen kit (including a towel, washcloth, sheets, blanket, and a pillow), a small toiletry kit, and a thermometer.

Ordering Food

Food orders are taken at your isolation intake meeting and will be delivered every 24 hours. You can expect food delivery to happen at 1:00 p.m. each day. Call the on-campus isolation phone (801.657.7296) if you haven’t received your food delivery by 1:30 p.m. You must wear a mask when answering the door for your Campus Dining food delivery.

How to Get Help

Call the on-campus isolation phone to get help while isolating (801.657.7296). If your symptoms worsen, contact your healthcare provider or Student Health Services immediately. If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency while in on-campus isolation, call 911.

On-Campus Isolation Rules

  • Do not leave on-campus isolation. You cannot leave the apartment or go to other places within the building.
  • Do not share your ID card with others or give them access to the building.
  • Visitors are not allowed in on-campus isolation.
  • Wear a mast at all times, including when answering the door for your Campus Dining food delivery.

Turning In Assignments

While in isolation, you should plan to attend class via Zoom or Teams and turn in coursework on time. Contact your professors immediately if you feel too sick to attend class or complete coursework.

Dr. Christie Fox (cfox@westminsteru.edu) will reach out to faculty to let them know you’re in isolation, but you are responsible for coordinating extensions or deadlines if needed.

When to Leave Isolation

A release assessment meeting is required before you can leave isolation, will be scheduled early in your isolation period, and will happen over the phone. Leaving isolation without a release assessment creates a health and safety situation, violates the Health and Safety community standard, and will result in a fine.