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sculpture of green hill side and female torsoEllie Oates Disco Death mixed media (2023)


sculpture of pressed flowersEllie Oates Flower Bowl mixed media (2023)


butterflies, flowers, female faces and eyesEllie Oates Marked Eternity mixed media (2023)


mobile with pink fluffy clouds and silver disco ballsEllie Oates Mobile mixed media (2023)


green grass with fluffy white star and the words NOW in orangeEllie Oates Now! mixed media (2023)


pants with large heart patch made out of a rugEllie Oates Rug Pants mixed media (2023)


striped shirt with orange sleeves made from a rugEllie Oates Rug Top mixed media (2023)


shiny cds forming a round ball with fluffy pink clod atopEllie Oates Walk in the Clouds mixed media (2023)


fluffy cloud with little sculpture on topEllie Oates Walk in the Clouds (detail) mixed media (2023)