Bachelor of Business Administration


Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business

12–18 months

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The online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program at Westminster University is designed for adults who have completed an associate degree and have acquired knowledge in the workplace, but need flexibility to complete their bachelor’s degree and advance their career.

This innovative business degree program offers a whole new way to learn: you'll complete a series of projects that build on what you already know. You'll learn at your own pace with an array of online learning resources in a multimedia environment enriched by personalized faculty coaching. Ultimately, you’ll demonstrate proficiency in more than 40 business competencies—the skills employers are looking for today.


Apply for the $10,000 Fenton Family Scholarship during the application process and receive up to $2,500 per semester for 4 semesters.


Program Cost 

With your associate degree, the $2,500 per semester Fenton Scholarship, and Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credits, your BBA degree can cost as little as:

per semester*

With your associate degree, Fenton Scholarship, but no Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credits, the most a BBA degree from Westminster would cost is:

per semester*

With your associate degree, but no Fenton Scholarship or Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credits, a BBA degree from Westminster University costs:

per semester*

*estimated amount


Completion Time

Complete your Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Westminster University in as little as 12 months.
A student with an associate degree working full-time can complete a BBA degree from Westminster University in 12–18 months, depending on individual experience and personal commitments.


Complete Your Degree Faster

The Bachelor of Business Administration program honors skills developed in the workplace through the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA). Taking the Prior Learning Assessment saves you time and money by receiving credits for college-level skills and concepts acquired from prior work experience.

Westminster University encourages transfer students with an associate degree and Westminster students who have satisfied their WCore requirements to enter the BBA program. While not mandatory, having WCore requirements completed will ensure faster degree completion. See program admissions requirements to learn more.


Application Deadline

Complete applications for the online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program are reviewed on a rolling admissions basis. Early submission of applications is strongly encouraged.

Entry Terms: Fall, Spring, or summer


Admissions Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.


Our Faculty

Dax Jacobson, PhD
Dean, Gore School of Business


Potential Employers

  • Enterprise 
  • Goldman Sachs 
  • Northrop Grumman 
  • Utah Transit Authority 
  • Mountain America Credit Union

"The program was truly on my own time, and the projects gave me real experience to fully understand how to properly analyze businesses and different markets. I opened my own hair studio using my knowledge that I gained from the BBA program."

ShayLea Goodman
’20, PMBA ’21

"I liked the help from my mentors when I had questions, and I liked that I was able to apply what I learned into a real business plan. I continued on to the PMBA program and I plan to start my own charity when I’m finished."

ShayLea Goodman
’20, PMBA ’21

"The BBA program didn’t have one project that I felt like was assigned just as busy work, or wouldn’t be applicable to me. They were all valuable and could be applied directly to my job."

Zach Patch

"I can’t place a number on the value of having a close enough working relationship with my professors. I don’t believe I would have finished my undergrad and now be in law school if I had tried to finish at another school."

Zach Patch

What You'll Learn in the Bachelor of Business Administration Program

  • Communication. Effectively communicate business concepts orally and in writing to faculty and business stakeholders.
  • Ethical decision-making. Demonstrate an understanding of various ethical perspectives and use ethical and legal frameworks for decision-making.
  • Critical thinking. Develop skills to analyze and solve complex managerial problems.
  • Leadership and collaboration. Demonstrate how individual and group leadership contributes to organizational goals and outcomes.
  • Strategic perspective. Understand the cultural, legal, economic, and geo-political forces that impact business strategies within national and international contexts.
  • Organizational performance. Analyze and use accounting and financial information to articulate organizational performance for various stakeholders.
  • Market execution. Identify and understand markets so you can employ techniques to ensure product/service quality for the good of the market and organization.

Competency-Based Learning

Rather than attending lectures and taking tests, you'll receive one-on-one mentoring from faculty as you complete real-life projects that are relevant to your career, skills, and interests. In fact, students are encouraged to use work projects for their assignments, provided they meet the scope of the course. As you complete each project sequence, you will demonstrate new business skills and abilities that you can take back to your employer and add to your resume.

Bachelor of Business Administration Program Plan of Study

The program is competency-based, meaning curriculum was developed with the expectation of certain knowledge, skills, and abilities (competencies) you develop as you progress. Through this curriculum style, you will build expertise as you put theory into practice, applying what you learn immediately through projects tailored to your background, career, and aspirations.

This program is also taught in an interactive, online format, meaning you can complete projects around your personal and professional schedule to make degree completion more flexible and convenient while still having meaningful interactions with faculty and peers. And you will be able to use your entrepreneurial ideas by using a business you want to start for most projects.

More information about projects, coaching, and grading can be found under degree requirements in the academic catalog.

In Westminster's BBA program, you'll complete a set of project sequences instead of taking multiple courses like a traditional program of study. You'll complete all projects in each sequence to demonstrate a mastery of the program’s learning goals and competencies. Coursework is broken into 5 project sequences:

  1. Professional Development
  2. Competitive Analysis
  3. Enterprise Performance
  4. Strategy and Leadership
  5. Business/Commercial Plan (You will build a business plan for a new startup or work on an intrapreneurial plan for your company as well as take the ETS Major Field Test in Business)

The program uses team projects and one-on-one mentoring to build a community with coaches and peers, learn about project assignments and competencies to be evaluated, increase your performance in competencies, and network. Specific information about the parts of each project sequence is listed under course descriptions in the academic catalog.

If you don't have an associate degree, any WCore requirements you have to fulfill can be completed online along with the requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program, either directly through Westminster or our Acadeum consortium at regular tuition prices.

WCore is Westminster University’s liberal education program that gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge, exploring new subjects and ideas through unique, engaged, and challenging courses.

sample business courses

  • BBA-PRJ1.F: CEO for a Day
  • BBA-PRJ2.2: Product and Price
  • BBA-PRJ2.5: Tactical Execution
  • BBA-PRJ2.5: Global Consciousness


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Advantages of an Online Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

  • Relationships with faculty. You get all the advantages of an online program plus one-on-one interactions with faculty who are experts in their fields.
  • Dedicated advisors. Full-time staff provide support to answer your questions and resolve administrative matters such as financial aid.
  • Personalized learning. All of your assignments are relevant to your career.
  • Flexible deadlines. Complete your coursework from anywhere and on your own schedule. Deadlines are flexible within each semester to fit your life.
  • Credit for work experience. You may be eligible to receive credit for prior work experience.
  • Fixed, all-inclusive pricing. All of your learning materials are included, and your tuition will not increase from year to year as long as you remain active in the program.