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5 Semesters (20 months)

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The Master of Education Program at Westminster University 

You won’t just gain new understandings, frameworks, and skills—you’ll emerge with greater confidence, collaboration, and self-awareness.

The Master of Education program serves as an opportunity to improve your teaching practice, solidify your understanding of educational theory, and advance to leadership roles in the educational sphere. A well-rounded, hands-on curriculum connects coursework to students’ teaching and work settings. And with four specialized tracks within this degree program, our students can truly hone in on their areas of interest and career aspirations.

Class schedules can accommodate students who are working professionals—and the coursework features hands-on, interactive learning among outstanding faculty and highly engaged peers.

Who the Master of Education Program Is For

This program is a place for educators who want to refine their craft, broaden their skills, and become more effective in their practice. In Westminster's program, you can select a specialization: Adult Learning, TESOL, or Trauma, Resilience, and Restorative Justice.

What Are the Benefits of the Master of Education Degree Program?

  • Put theory into practice. Boost communication skills, instructional methodologies, technologies, and subject-area content.
  • Customize your coursework. Tailor a curriculum toward your own needs and goals.
  • Gain from a program that works with you. Experience small class sizes and accommodating schedules that support your success.

What You'll Learn in the Master of Education Program

The Master of Education program curriculum is highly personalized around your goals as an educator. You get to select from a number of tracks within the program, each of which thoroughly prepares you for a different specialization.

  • Pedagogy
  • Research
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Global Responsibility

Sample courses

  • MED-615: Education, Schools and Politics
  • MED-620: Multilingual Learners, Family and Community
  • MED-634: Teaching Adults
  • MED-639: Neuroscience of Trauma

Completion time:
Most students finish the Master of Education program in 5 semesters, but schedules can be adapted for a longer time frame and can vary depending on which certificates, credentials, or endorsements are pursued.

accreditation employers trust

Licensure programs are accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation. Other tracks are accredited by the Utah State Board of Education and/or the Northwest Accreditation Commission.

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Application Deadline

Completed applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Early submission of applications is strongly encouraged.

Entry Terms: Fall, Spring, or summer


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Our Faculty

Peggy Cain, PhD

Marilee Coles-Ritchie, PhD

Lowell Oswald, PhD
Associate Professor


List of Alumni Employers

  • University of Puerto Rico 
  • Murray City School District
  • Playworks
  • Western Governors University
  • Westminster University  

"Westminster University taught me that you can set high standards for your students, but as a teacher, you support your students to help lift them to their potential."

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Jonathan Hsu
’05, MEd ’13

Master of Education Plan of Study

Master of Arts in Teaching to Master of Education Opportunity

If you have completed your Master of Arts in Teaching at Westminster, you can participate in the Master of Arts in Teaching to Master of Education opportunity. This path allows you to use Master of Arts in Teaching program credits toward the requirements of the Master of Education program. You can earn a second degree while deepening your expertise as a teacher by following the TESOL endorsement or Trauma, Resilience, Restorative Justice emphasis within the Master of Education program.

If you have not completed the Master of Arts in Teaching program at Westminster, but are interested in a Master of Education degree, you can complete your Master of Arts in Teaching degree and continue to the Master of Education program. This path allows you to use some of your previously earned Master of Arts in Teaching program credits towards the requirements of the Master of Education program. You can deepen your expertise as a teacher while earning 2 degrees by following the TESOL endorsement or Trauma, Resilience, Restorative Justice emphasis within the Master of Education program.



Graduates can obtain various licenses and endorsements. Licensing and endorsement requirements vary by state. Utah students must apply with the Utah State Board of Education. Westminster has not determined whether it meets the educational requirements for licensure in all other states within the United States, including U.S. territories. Students will need to inquire with additional states for information.

Master of Education Program Emphases

Trauma, Resilience, and Restorative Justice Emphasis

Focus on the impact that trauma has on the mental and physical health of individuals while exploring research-based strategies, like restorative justice, that build resilience in individuals and communities.

This emphasis is the first of its kind in Utah and the Rocky Mountain West. Selecting this track will prepare you to apply your expertise in schools, universities, nonprofits, government agencies, and community-based work where demand is high for educators and advocates skilled in this area.

Adult Learning Emphasis

Sharpen your skills and expertise in adult education. This emphasis provides an incredible foundation for future corporate trainers, higher-education leaders, and teachers in other education programs for adults. You’ll improve and elevate your current teaching practice while gaining unique skills specific to this student demographic.

TESOL Endorsement

The TESOL endorsement is for educators who want to teach English language learners—and do so as effectively as possible. The endorsement is required of almost all K–12 teachers today, and it’s also exceptionally helpful for teachers in adult-learning classrooms. You’ll not only gain the endorsement but will also hone your skills through hands-on research, observation, and reflection.

Create Your Own Track

Chart your own course toward your unique professional goals by customizing a combination of classes from the MEd. and related disciplines. You can focus on areas like educational policy, advocacy, or administration, or create a tailored program of study. The field of education is changing and this track enables you to help lead the way to new futures.

Graduate Certificates

These graduate certificates are designed especially for students enrolled in Westminster University’s Master of Education (M.Ed.) program.

  • Graduate Certificate in Teaching English to Multilingual Learners (15 credits): Develop foundational teaching skills for effective instruction of English to youth and adult multilingual learners. Strengthen your knowledge of how people learn language and what strategies are most effective for teaching English in a variety of settings.

  • Graduate Certificate in Trauma-Responsive Education (15 credits): Develop skills for nurturing and leading schools and other educational organizations as they implement trauma-informed and restorative justice practices. Grow your understanding of the impacts of trauma, guide changes in policies and practices in your organization, and manage this change process.

  • Graduate Certificate in Teaching Adult and Higher Education (9 credits): Develop teaching skills for assessing what students know, designing instruction, and teaching effectively. Improve your understanding of how adults learn and how their instruction can strengthen equity and diversity in adult and higher education settings.

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Tuition and Fees

At Westminster, we are committed to making your education affordable.

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Financial Aid

Westminster works with all students to determine the financial aid opportunities available to them. Federal financial aid is available and will be awarded on an individual basis to students who have filed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Some federal financial aid programs require students to maintain the equivalent of full- or part-time enrollment. Westminster also offers scholarships for graduate students.


Students who completed an undergraduate degree at Westminster are eligible to receive the Westminster Alumni Scholarship.


Graduate students are eligible for Direct Unsubsidized Loans and Direct (grad) PLUS loans through the U.S. Department of Education’s federal student loan program.


Students in education programs may be eligible for the federal Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant program. Grants are generally need-based and do not need to be repaid. Some grants have requirements upon graduation to ensure repayment is not necessary.

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study is a federally funded program that provides job opportunities for students to earn money to help pay for college. Westminster employs hundreds of students each year in different areas.