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Student Diversity and Inclusion Center

Student Engagement and Belonging promotes student engagement and cultural intelligence by fostering fellowship, academics, and social engagement through student-led and staff-supported programs that provide opportunities for students to develop their social identities and spaces for students to gather and discuss issues of power, privilege, oppression, and social engagement. The Student Diversity and Inclusion Center is located in Bassis Hall and is a gathering space for students. First Scholars director, Kari Lindsey, is also located in the Student Diversity and Inclusion Center.

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Raíces Unidas

Raíces Unidas is a student-run program that aims to provide a safe and judgment-free space for Westminster’s Latinx, Xhicanx, and Hispanic community. Raíces Unidas serves as a resource to students and seeks to promote inclusivity and visibility to issues that impact the Latinx, Xhicanx, and Hispanic community. The program’s priority is to create a group where you can talk about your identities and your roots in a space built with comfort and support. Raíces Unidas has held Day of the Dead traditional events and Nights of Storytelling for Latinx, Xhicanx, and Hispanic students to share stories and hold space for narratives of immigration, linguistic diversity, and cultural appreciation.

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Queer Compass

Queer Compass is a student-led, administration-supported initiative serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual/ally+ (LGBTQIA+) population on Westminster's campus. Queer Compass aims to foster community, visibility, and openness with Westminster students. At monthly meetings, attendees participate in multifaceted, intersectional dialogues surrounding issues of marginalization, victimization, safety, power, privilege, identity, gender, sexuality, navigating higher education, and opportunities for growth.

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The Asian American and Pacific Islander Life program at Westminster grew out of a desire to break down stereotypes and open a space for members to share and discuss Asian American and Pacific Islander identity. AAPI Life explores diversity under the umbrella of Asian American and Pacific Islander, and fosters a judgment-free space for students. We hold monthly events, book clubs, and individual meetings.

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Black Excellence

Black Excellence is a student-led, administratively supported initiative that serves our black, African, African-American student population at Westminster. The group aims to develop racial identity and build community within the Westminster campus. Black Excellence meetings, events, and workshops are spaces where attendees can share in fellowship and participate in intersectional dialogues around topics of race within higher education, safety, power, privilege, community, and black excellence. Black Excellence seeks to build community through the shared interest and/or identity of blackness.

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First Scholars

The First Scholars program focuses on the social and academic integration of first-generation and traditionally underrepresented students. This program provides student cohorts with academic support, scholarship enrichment, faculty-to-peer mentorship, and scholastic and professional preparation. The First Scholars program is a collaboration between the Student Diversity and Inclusion Center and the Dumke Center for Civic Engagement.

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Global Peace and Spirituality

Lead or participate in interfaith programs that ignite spiritual growth, foster connections with people across backgrounds and beliefs, and promote positive change in the world.

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Student Resources

From scholarships and restrooms, to bias reporting and undocumented student resources, the Student Diversity and Inclusion Center keeps you informed and prepared.

To me, [being a human] means being aware of social issues, standing up and being an advocate, not just an ally.

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